How to Avoid Accidental Publishing in WordPress

I want to quickly walk you through how you can avoid accidentally publishing a post in your WordPress website. This comes in handy especially if you have multiple social media accounts connected to your posts that when it goes live it automatically publishes to them and we’ll do that right now.

First thing you want to do is head over to your WordPress dashboard. And we’ll be installing a new plug-in. So go to Plugins-> Add New.

Search for the publish confirm plugin and it does exactly what it sounds like it will make you confirm that you are wanting to publish this post.

So once we Install it.

Let’s go ahead and Activate it as well.

And now that it’s activated I can go to my Posts area let’s click Add New.

And I’ll show you what it looks like. And once you do everything you want for your posts you can click Publish.

And then you will immediately get a confirmation saying «are you really sure that you want to do». That it’s just an extra step of are you sure you want this to happen. You can either say yes go ahead and it will publish like that now.

I will create a second post. And show you what it looks like.

When we say no we don’t want to Publish it. And when we click Publish.

And if we don’t want to we can say Cancel.

And it cancels that out and goes back to our screen so that we can continue to edit it or do whatever we need to before we actually publish. So that’s a real quick way via a plug-in to do that now. If you wanted to change what is displayed on there you can add this bit of code to your Functions.PHP page.

And then this would be the area that you would add for the specific message that you want to show.

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