How to Backup Your WordPress Site (Complete Step by Step Guide)

You’ve already gone through setup your site took all the time you needed to design it just how you want it and now it’s time to back it up. So what’s the easiest way to do that?

Well there are several plugins that you can use and some will back up the whole site others will just back up the files and we’re gonna walk you through how to backup using BackupBuddy.

Backupbuddy actually backs up your complete site including the database as well as all of your images and theme files and plugins and whatnot. So I’m going to show you how to do that. First thing you wanna do you wanna go to BackupBuddy’s website and go ahead and get BackupBuddy.

I’m gonna do it for a blogger.

Once you go through you need to create a account or if you already know about BackupBuddy you can already login. So I’m going to go ahead and pause this while I go in and get it. Alright now that I’ve gone out gotten my BackupBuddy.   I’ve downloaded the file to my computer. And what you want to do is you want to go to your website and go ahead and log and you’ll go to the back end and your dashboard from here we can go over to plugins and we want to add a new plugin

and now we can upload the plugin. It’s a zip file and that’s what you want to upload here.

So I’ve found the file and I’ll upload it here

and we’ll click Install Now.

The process shouldn’t take very long for it to install and you can check on the status of it down here.

Once the plugin has been uploaded we want to go ahead and activate it.

Alright, and once it’s activated and installed we’ll have a new icon over here

so we’ll go in and create a new backup. I’m gonna click on BackupBuddy-> Backup

and from here you want to fill out this information and create a password for when you want to restore it. This is great so that if somebody happens to find your file, your backup file, they can’t just go and restore it somewhere on their own site. So you want to add a password here that nobody else knows

and from here you can pick where you want the backup to go.Recommend something like a dropbox so you can pick any of these. I’m gonna pick Dropbox

so in order to do that I need to connect to my Dropbox,

and I’ll Sign in

and I’ll Allow that

and then you’ll get the bit of code that you’ll want to copy

and then we’ll go back to our website and from here we want to add the code and then click step four that authorized it.

Okay, and what this will do is it will just show where it’s going to be backed up and under what directory or what folder.

So lets go ahead and add that destination

and it showing that obviously we haven’t sent anything yet and that’s okay. So we’re done with that I’ll close that out now down here you need to decide how often you want to back it up and if you look here it gives you recommended item monthly complete backup that means it’s going to back up all your files and all of your post’s all of your pages and whatnot on a monthly basis but then it’ll do weekly database back-ups which means it will the data bases where all of your content is stored so it’s gonna do weekly database backup and a monthly complete backup of all of the files. So we’re going to do that because our website is just starting and I’ll be happy with that

and we’ll save settings.

Okay, and as you see here the Quick Setup that’s been saved and now it’s gonna do my first backup.

I’m gonna wait for that to finish. So I’ll show you what it looks like. Kind of gives you an idea of all the stuff that it has found what all is going to do It’s telling you that it’s backing up, verifying it all, cleaning it up and now it’s successful.

And now if we go take a look at our Dropbox area there’s a BackupBuddy folder

and now I have my backup there so now you’ve successfully backed up your site to put it on a schedule to backup monthly and you’re good to go. 

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