How to Setup Automatic WordPress Backup with CodeGuard

In this article I’ll show you how to set up automatic WordPress backups with Code Guard. Code Guard is a website backup service that allows you to automatically back things up to the cloud. And to get started you just need to go to the Code Guard website

and click start your free trial button.

Enter all your information and then once you get in there,

and once you get in there we can get started. Once you’ve signed up for Code Guard you can go into the dashboard setting and from you want to select the Use our WordPress plugin.

When it does that It’ll give you some instructions on how to proceed. So what we want to do is go back to our WordPress dashboard wanna go to Plugins->Add New

and just search for Code Guard. We want to install

and activate that.

After that’s activated we need to go back to Code Guard to get our access key.  So I’m going to click Generate access key

and I’m going to copy this long piece,

go back to my website under the Code Guard here,

I’m gonna click on that

and I’m going to paste that in and save it.

Once you do that all you have to do is click Create back-up

and as you can see it’s going through the whole process of creating everything that we need and once it’s finished you can see the back up right here the size of it

and the actions that you want to take on it.

And from here you can either do a restore or delete and now your site is backed up.

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